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Easy To Cook, Tasty To Eat

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Weekly Recipes will provide you with a complete food plan based on your physical characteristics and your goals. Weekly Recipes is not limited to simple weight gain or weight loss, it is all about learning how to listen to your body in order to eat balanced and thus feel good in your body & mind. 

We are all different and unique. That is the reason why Weekly Recipes’ food plans are personalised and customed for you. Indeed, each person has a different lifestyle, different physical characteristics, as well as different food preferences and taste. Weekly Recipes try to be as flexible as possible by offering recipes that you like, while giving you the necessary quantity of meals, calories consumption and nutritional contribution to achieve to your weight goal.


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The Story Behind Weekly Recipes

Weekly Recipes App was brought to life

by Melanie & Christopher Ruiz


Melanie Ruiz Story

“The creation of Weekly Recipes is a reflection of our life experience. It is an outcome of what we have lived during the past years. It is the knowledge and the experience that we would like to share with you today.”


- Melanie Ruiz


“ I have lost 38 kg and my sister lost 17 kg, going through many different stages, not always easy. We have tried many different diets, restrictions, food avoidance, reduced calories consumption.. But the results were always short term, because the diets were too strict or unrealistic and we constantly felt frustrated and hungry. So we decided to become the game changers ourselves, which is why we now want to provide you with the knowledge we would have liked to have at that time.”


- Christopher Ruiz. 

Christopher Ruiz Story

Weekly Recipes provides you with hundreds of tasty and easy to cook meal recipes , explains the importance of the quantity of food consumed and will never let you starve. The Collaboration between Weekly Recipes & Reboot Yourself Challenge will allow you to change your eating habits, become more active, achieve your body goals and simply become the better version of yourself in 30 days! 

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